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3 Productivity Must-Do's when Growing a Team

By Lars Hedenborg


3 Productivity Must-Do's when Growing a Team

Lars Hedenborg    June 1, 2020



3 Productivity Must-Do's when Growing a Team

Hopefully, you had a chance to listen to the last podcast episode where we talked about getting your life back with The Time Freedom SystemTM. Today we will talk about the 3 must-do’s for productivity when you’re growing your real estate team. These apply to anyone looking for growth, although at Real Estate B-School we are very specific on who we are able to work with.


Maintain an attitude of gratitude.

I use something called The Five Minute Journal. Every morning, I capture 3 things I’m grateful for, and at night 3 awesome things that happened today. It doesn’t even really take 5 minutes, but even in that tiny amount of time, it will change your entire perspective. It forces you to pay attention to the things around you that make you grateful. 

If you’ve ever heard of Dan Sullivan, go to YouTube and search for “Gap Gain Dan Sullivan”. Entrepreneurs almost always live in the gap, where we are constantly moving  towards some unrealistic goal that’s far off on the horizon, and we never turn around to look at the shore to see how far we’ve come. It’s a vicious cycle. We focus on the gap between where we are and our goals rather than looking at the progress we have made. Start this daily practice of gratitude and it will wipe out this entire feeling of discontentment.


Stop multitasking. (switch-tasking)

There’s a fun exercise I want you to try. Time yourself reciting the alphabet (A to Z) and then counting up from 1 to 26. Do it as fast as you can. Go ahead. After you’re done, time yourself counting between each letter. A1, B2, C3, etc. If you’re like me, you’ll notice that it takes much longer to switch between letters and numbers. . You’re less productive and less efficient when you switch between tasks. Multi-tasking is a fallacy. You’re actually killing your productivity!

If you’re building a business, we stack so many things on our plate. We work with buyers and sellers, we are recruiting people, we’re the CFO, we’re the marketer, not to mention being a parent, spouse, friend. We have so much on our plate that we cannot afford to lose any productivity because we are unfocused.


Crush your digital addictions

It could be checking the news. It could be checking your stocks. It could be TV or movies. Maybe for you it’s social media. Whatever it is, you’re getting wrapped up in some technology that isn’t in alignment with a meaningful, clear goal in your business or your life that truly matters. If you’re telling me that you want to be a world-class dad, a world-class husband, take care of your physical body and spend more time with God, and you’re honest with where you’re spending your time, are you showing up where you need to be showing up when you need to be there? Or are you wasting time on things that really don’t matter?

Digital addictions are a real thing. Recently I spent 2 hours and 44 minutes on Facebook in a week. What a waste! Most social media has you feeling completely inadequate. So not only is it a waste of time but it makes you feel like crap. You’re constantly comparing your true self with the best of everyone else. No more Facebook for me, I took it off my phone and haven’t spent more than a few minutes with it in the last 2 months.. 

OK, I will step down from my soapbox now. If you want to achieve big things in multiple areas of your life, you have to be honest with yourself when it comes to this stuff. None of us are perfect, but together we can achieve more.


Much Love & Respect,

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Lars Hedenborg

Founder of Real Estate B-School

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