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Patience - How to do the Next Right Thing in Business

By Lars Hedenborg


Patience - How to do the Next Right Thing in Business

Lars Hedenborg    June 1, 2020



Patience in Business – How to do the Next Right Thing

Building a business is like raising a child in a lot of ways. No really, hear me out:
When we start our business, a lot of times we can either prepare to smithereens for it, other times we might not even know what’s going on. Ultimately, one thing remains true – it’s a lot different when you’re actually doing it. Like raising a child, your business will also go through many phases and seasons of its life.


All of this is perfectly normal and healthy – but what I’m here to talk to you about today is doing the next right thing in your business.
The next right thing isn’t always going to be obvious from far out - but you should get a feeling for what comes next that will become more of an instinct as you grow and develop through your business’s adolescence.

If you’re a top producing agent, the next right thing for your business might be to build systems around marketing and delivery. Sometimes, the next step is to delegate your workload to your team – after all, that’s why you hired them. Maybe there’s a desire to get out of listing, so build systems there.
We as an industry don’t always know what the next right thing is – there is no roadmap.

We default to human nature. We go for what will give us the dopamine release – it’s the reason we get on our phones, it’s the reason we hide in our inboxes, we just want to react and live in that moment, for the hit we get.

At Real Estate B-School, we REQUIRE that our clients build into their week 2 time blocks that are titled “Work On Your Business”. Instead of working IN their business, the idea behind these time blocks is that it will help them to see the bigger picture, have a better method to hitting their goals, and being able to have their business SERVE them rather than ENSLAVE them.

We have 36 systems that we help our members install into their business – custom tailored to the needs of each leader. Click one of the links below to see if you're eligible to work with us.


Much Love & Respect,

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Lars Hedenborg

Founder of Real Estate B-School

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