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The Not-So-Sexy Side of Real Estate - Part 2

By Lars Hedenborg


The Not-So-Sexy Side of Real Estate - Part 2

Lars Hedenborg    August 26, 2020



We're going to continue on with Dave Friedman's talk from our 2018 Fall Intensive. This time, we're going to focus in on weekly cadence and Dave's goals and milestones - and what they could look like in your team.

Dave's team has figured it out when it comes to team cadence. When someone joins his organization, a lot of times leaders feel like a victim when people don't follow through. When someone joins a high performance team, the team thinks about the needs of the agent. The main difference is expectation setting. 

Dave's approach to team building is unique - what seems like a normal probationary period for new hires is actually structured more like a monthly commitment plan. For the first 30 days, a certain set of requirements is to be met. The next 30 days after that, like a lease, comes with a new set of requirements. Finally, the last 30 days, another set of requirements is set. Only after that is when the permanence of the team member can be considered. 

As a realtor, if you can't produce any business for yourself, how are you going to be successful? The last thing you want to do when you bring someone into real estate is to let them loose when they've never learned the most important component of the business: generating leads for themselves.

When people start as ISAs and meet the requirements set forth in the initial probationary period, that's when we know they've learned the crucial part of the business, and the habits and the attitude of how to face challenges like that. 

Once new agents 'graduate' from the initial challenges of joining a team, they can shift their focus and start to generate business in other ways. The farther you move down your career track, the more different ways you can generate new business. 

Something that Dave and his team do differently is something they call "go for no". Dave's team receives the word "no" differently than others. That's one of the toughest things about being on the phone - the rejection that you get. 

What if you looked at No differently? What if instead of the end of a road, it was just an incremental advancement towards getting a yes?

Celebrating "no" sounds silly- but it's just one step closer that you take yourself to a "yes". 

Some people beat themselves up if after a long day of prospecting they have no new appointments set. What is more important than that is to focus on the little wins throughout the day. There might be a small advancement you made with someone you followed up with. That's a celebration!

Just because you didn't get to an appointment, or a "yes", doesn't mean you're a failure. No, to Dave, means "not right now". 

Much Love & Respect,

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Lars Hedenborg

Founder of Real Estate B-School

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