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The Not-So-Sexy Side of Real Estate - Part 3

By Lars Hedenborg


The Not-So-Sexy Side of Real Estate - Part 3

Lars Hedenborg    August 28, 2020



 One of the biggest takeaways that comes with all this is that all we do in our businesses, we do for the success and betterment of the team. We track numbers, we measure growth, and we hold agents accountable not to nitpick and micromanage - it's to understand where something might be going wrong and know when someone needs help. 

In Dave's business, he values transparency. There are some requirements that all the leads have to meet in order to be in a CRM - they just have to have home alerts active, follow up calls scheduled, and a lot of real estate is the intentions of talking to someone when they're ready to do business. 

The people that nail it every single week in Dave's team generally have 40-70 people in their profile, and they find it's actually hard to manage them if they're truly squeezing the lemon as hard as you can. 

There's a book called checklist manifesto. One thing Dave learned when getting his pilot's license, that this book talks about, is that pilots massively reduce their accident and casualty rate in general aviation when they follow a checklist. 

A checklist is consistent. A checklist doesn't discriminate, or forget, or favor anything. Each time, it's the same list of checkboxes. When you identify something that works, add it to your checklist. Add it to a process. 

Finally, here are some tips that you can use to ensure that you have great accountability in your 1 on 1 sessions with keeping agents accountable:

  • Accountability is FOR people, not TO people. It's a commitment. 
  • Make sure the goals are THEIR goals, not YOUR goals. 
  • Goals must be defined and measurable.
  • Correct the system, not the person.
  • Avoid being judgemental.
  • Bring encouragement!
  • Be consistent with accountability. 
  • Don't skip questions. Repetition is important in building consistency.
  • Don't confuse accountability with self-management. 
  • Always come from a place of curiosity.

Dave holds an excellent Q&A session at the end of his session - you can view the full video episode HERE

Much Love & Respect,

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Lars Hedenborg

Founder of Real Estate B-School

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