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Here's Why One Is Better Than None In The Real Estate Game

Brent Doolittle    November 7, 2019



Before you read this, you might be thinking, of course one is better than none, especially in the real-estate game. Believe me when I tell you that I know what it’s like to be discouraged when a social media post only gets six likes, or a listing garners no attention. We are conditioned, especially with the rise of social media in the past decade, to attribute value to the reactions people have to our efforts.

I’m a photographer when I’m killing time, and my Instagram page is full of some of my favorite photos. I get really excited about some of them before I post them. Then, when I’ve thought of a good caption, chosen the right (but not too intrusive) filter, and post it, I wind up discouraged that it didn’t go viral and attract hundreds of thousands of likes and comments of support and appreciation. It just fits right in with the other posts that have 20 or 30 likes from my closest followers. I'm sure as a team leader, you've felt the same about something you've posted.

Sometimes even our most valiant efforts garner a ‘sub-par’ amount of attention. 

So often we see the success of others and compare it to ourselves at a 1:1 ratio, without taking into consideration important factors like how long or hard they’ve worked for what you see. This usually, ultimately, leads to us thinking that our one might as well be none. Whether it's one like, one follower, team leaders in real estate sometimes tend to round down the numbers when we don't see what we want. We neglect what effort went into building the success we are accustomed to seeing.


We cannot compare our success to others’ simply by looking at likes, follows and views. 

As a team leader, you're constantly measuring your performance - but when we get into our own heads like this, it’s important to stay grounded and remember what’s truly important. That is something I’ve learned about extensively over the past quarter - not just in social media but all around. What’s important is that you have a core following. Anyone can get followers - you can buy them, you can do giveaways where a follow is an entry, there are tons of ways to amass an audience with hardly any effort, but you have to get/keep them engaged.

According to SproutSocial, 81% of marketers agree that engagement is the most important metric of social media success. That’s why the grind, as it’s referred to by Gary Vee, is all about deepening your relationships with your core audience, rather than spreading yourself thin across social media platforms. Appreciate the posts you make that get you one follower. Appreciate the days that you gain one subscriber on YouTube. One is progress.

At Real Estate B-School, we love this mindset. In fact, it’s a basic part of our 3 year / 1 year / 90 day / 13 week philosophy. Breaking down our future into manageable, attainable goals that are within our reach helps us to dominate our day-to-day routines. When you conquer each day, you’ll begin to realize that every ‘one’ is, in fact, better than ‘none’.


We hope you enjoyed this short read.

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