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People Are What Drive Performance & Profitability w/Jay Niblick Of Wizehire

Joe Camarata    November 5, 2019



On this episode, Lars was able to speak with Jay Niblick, Founder/CEO of Wizehire on how people are what drive performance and profitability. PERIOD. 

Wizehire is a SaaS that helps small to medium sized business owners find the best talent for their team.

The fellas touch on three things real estate leaders must understand while on the journey to leveraging the business.

1. All performance is generated between the ears. It’s about the people that is going to lead to success.

2. If you want to thrive, build a business that is sustainable without you.

3. Make the mind shift that you are building a business of other people. Find someone who is smarter and more talented than you are and get out of the way.

Watch the video below to go more in-depth on these three topics.


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