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How to Pivot Your Productivity & Communication in a Crisis

By Lars Hedenborg


How to Pivot Your Productivity & Communication in a Crisis

Lars Hedenborg    June 5, 2020



This is part 2 of an interview I did with one of our members, Dave Hooke. When it comes to this crisis, I don’t think we’re out of the water just yet, in fact I’m thinking we’re in for a multi-year journey. In this episode Dave talks about pivoting communication and productivity in a crisis, which is something that a lot of businesses are learning to do now. 

None of us are immune to what’s going on. Towards the beginning of this crisis, Dave was in his head - overthinking and losing control of his mindset. It’s important to have discipline so that you can be accountable to your family and your team. You need to have it together enough to be able to serve them. 

Working from home and having a different environment all of a sudden means a lot of changes. For many of us, our work environment is now shared with a spouse and children, which may make it harder to stay focused. One of the things that Dave knew needed to be changed right away was his calendar. He had to change his routine.

The news is baiting us with fear and manipulation on a 24-hour cycle. Getting that dopamine hit from checking the news every half hour led to a realization after a week or so for Dave. But instead of acting out of fear, Dave took control by starting a  habit chain on his calendar. Sometimes the phone needs to go in a basket at the end of the day. Sometimes the only time to use social media is to post for your job, and not to constantly scroll down your timeline. 

Dave went from seeking escape to being disciplined, and that routine changed his mental state. The time blocks that he has set up will separate himself from the other teams that haven’t made that pivot yet. 

3 things that helped Dave pivot:

  1. Having a projects list somewhere: Put information on a projects list as a note - don’t just do things because you think it’s a good idea, add it to your list. 
  2. Quarterly business health triage - each quarter, sit down and choose which projects you’re going to work on to get you closer to your goal
  3. Writing down big projects - get a clear picture of what the outcome you want is. Then, present that to someone else and have them approve it and hold you accountable to it. 


In addition to all this, we need to be a light to others in this time of need. Something that Dave’s team does is a compassion program called Project Lamplight. Through his program, those in need can make requests and Project Lamplight helps to give back to the community by fulfilling those requests. 

Being the light to others in this time is immensely important and carries a huge weight and responsibility. We are charged with being the steady rock that others need in order to get through uncertain times on their feet. 


Much Love & Respect,

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Lars Hedenborg

Founder of Real Estate B-School

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