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How to Differentiate Between Potential and Patterns - with Jay Niblick

By Lars Hedenborg


How to Differentiate Between Potential and Patterns - with Jay Niblick

Lars Hedenborg    June 5, 2020



You guys are in for a treat today. If you’ve been following the podcast for a while, you know that I get really excited about business, and all aspects of it - even the hard/ugly parts. If you’re at the point of your journey where you need leverage in the form of people, there is no better resource that I know of than the guest who is joining us today. 

Jay Niblick is the co-founder of WizeHire, which is a company that specializes in hiring. Thousands of companies and teams use WizeHire, and they trust them to help them hire the right people. 

This isn’t a theoretical conversation about hiring - Jay has built out the systems and processes to build his own team, and his goal is to help others do the same. If you’re selling enough homes that you need leverage in the form of people, hiring the right ones is important. 

The conversation takes an important turn when you’re considering someone to fill a role - there’s a concept of patterns versus potential. I’ve been at the point where I’ve hired someone based on their potential of being successful only to find out that they don’t have a good track record. 

There’s a good sermon by Steven Furtick on the difference between potential and patterns. In the context of his sermon he is talking about relationships, but it has some pretty obvious business implications as well. 

When you think about the process of bringing someone in your world, you want them to have a pattern of hard work and accomplishments. You wouldn’t marry someone just because they have ‘potential’, would you?. You want to see a pattern that you like in order to decide whether to bring that person into your life, whether you’re hiring them or marrying them. 

Jay said it best: “Dreams and hopes are not a strategic approach. Part of the problem is that a lot of people making these (hiring) decisions came in from a sales perspective and crushed it. However, the personality of the person doing the hiring, and the background they came from, usually set them up for failure.”

People in that position tend to want to trust their gut. A lot of the people who are in these positions in their companies are high DIs on the Meyers-Briggs personality scale. In sales, it’s tough to hire based on a gut feeling - as the saying goes, the last thing a bad salesperson sold was themselves. You want to be sure the person you hire on Friday is going to be the same person who shows up on Monday. 

At the end of the day, learning to combine and consider both your feelings about someone (their personality, the culture you’re providing them, etc) and the pattern they show from their past when making a hiring decision. 

Be sure to listen to the full podcast to hear ALL of Jay’s insights about the world of hiring.


Much Love & Respect,

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Lars Hedenborg

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