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Real Estate Leaders Must Link Everything To Their Goals

Joe Camarata    October 1, 2019



We are continuing our topic on productivity with a deep dive into how we must link everything to our goals. I see so many real estate team leaders that get distracted by something that has nothing to do with their goals.

I have always been able to be really good and really clear about where I'm going. I always have a three to a five-year vision of where I'm headed, a 1-year more specific vision, and then I break that down into quarters and weeks. 

An example would be that you are mid-year in your sales and you decide to switch CRM’s. I’ve seen real estate leaders switch CRM’s every other year. Switching CRM is not going to move you closer to achieving your goals. 

Let’s say you have a goal of $2 million GCI three years from now at 35% profit. You are following your economic model, and in your market comes a company that is going to sell instant offer leads. These are home seller leads that are marketing like iBuyers in the market. You take on this lead source that helps you close 100 more sides, but you aren’t hitting that goal of 35% profit. 

These are scenarios you have to take into account when you’re making decisions on how to grow the top line of your business. What is more important? What goals are you looking to achieve?

We hope you enjoyed this episode of The Business Freedom Podcast. 

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