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Building the Real Estate Team of the Future (w/ Dave Friedman)

Lars Hedenborg    January 31, 2020



Building the Real Estate Team of the Future

(w/ Dave Friedman)

Dave Friedman’s first breakout year in real estate allowed him to double his transactions and bring on a buyer agent. All the while, his business was taking a toll on him and his family. His personal life was suffering, and he was stressed. Constantly juggling the people he had to deal with in real estate was becoming his primary focus, rather than his own life. 

While money can be good, it only solves certain problems. The kinds of problems it can’t solve, though, are usually much more important. Dave made over a quarter-million dollars in one year, but says, “I hated every second of it. It’s funny, I think I was actually happier making $40,000”.fabrizio-verrecchia-BXwbfuM0cdk-unsplash

Dave experienced a pivotal moment in his business; even though he appeared to be successful from the outside, he had to have a complete mindset shift and learn how to run a business from scratch.

Once his mind was made up about staying committed to his business, he knew changes needed to be made, and he couldn't do it by himself - he needed a team.

In 2018, Dave invested in growing his team - he added to his inside sales department and his operations department. Most real estate teams are a loose collection of agents - but Dave knew he needed a unique culture that makes them happy to come to work every day. The new culture allowed them to interact with clients in a positive and upbeat manner, making everyone happier all around. avi-richards-Z3ownETsdNQ-unsplash

A productive work atmosphere is so important to Dave that he has a dedicated “culture team” that helps his agents be as free and successful as possible by improving their environment. It’s not just about selling real estate, it’s about being the best version of yourself and being joyful and happy in what you do. 

Weekly team meetings keep Dave’s team accountable, and other communication systems work to keep them on the same page despite them having very different lives and work styles. simon-abrams-k_T9Zj3SE8k-unsplash

Building a team that frees you up isn’t simply transferring your work to other people, it’s setting up infrastructure where each person serves a vital role that allows everyone to be successful while still able manage THEIR own vacations, be at home with THEIR own families, and make enough money to live THEIR own lives. 

Dave set up his team for success with future-proof systems that will withstand the test of time and continue to serve him for as long as he desires. Once the money was no longer an issue for him, his attitude shifted to making sure that his team can rise through the ranks and make an awesome life for themselves. 

If you’ve achieved traditional success in your real estate business but you are still feeling lost or trapped and you don’t have a clear path to leveraged and profitable growth, in your real estate business, maybe our FREE 30-day Pilot Program is for you. I will work with you on building a sustainable & profitable real estate team that gives you true freedom.


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