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The Business Freedom PodcastEpisode 192

How Reduction can be the Key to Expansion

By Lars Hedenborg


How Reduction can be the Key to Expansion

Lars Hedenborg    March 27, 2020



How Reduction can be the Key to Expansion

It’s counterintuitive - I see this a lot with entrepreneurial minded real estate team leaders. We want to build something that has a life of its own. We have to stop looking at it as if it’s all about a return on the investment we have sunk into it in terms of our time and money. We need to look at it like an organism that we are striving to make self-sufficient. 

The 3 takeaways we want you to come away with:

  • Hiring the right people is very important for creating a culture of honor that your customers will notice and appreciate.
  • Chasing shiny objects can be as dangerous to your business as day trading penny stocks. Invest in what’s tried and true. 
  • Beware of bad coaching and advice! It can lead you down paths that seem like they’re working at first, but it is always wise to get a second opinion if you’re uncomfortable.

Your dream is to have a successful business?

Sure - but be more specific. A business that is self sufficient and pays you when you are not slaying every home? Okay, now we’re talking. How much in revenue do you want? How many transactions? Do you want to be involved in production or involved with your family? These are the questions we need to be asking ourselves so we can get clear about our destination before we hit the road. 

To achieve the growth that takes you from top producing agent to business owner, you have to be willing to cut down on distractions, make sacrifices and be clear and intentional. Every to-do list we make, every memo and every reminder we set is all united in one mission - to get there. 

Chasing squirrels instead of following the plan is one way we tend to let ourselves think we are achieving success faster than we really are. Our minds are hard-wired to seek out results, and when we get them, we get that hit of dopamine we crave. It’s the same chemical that rewards us when we eat good food or when we watch just one more episode at midnight on Netflix.

By continuing to search for the “next best thing” and trying to become an early adopter, we are looking for that rush or validation that there must be an easier way.  We can’t chase these ‘shiny objects’ to feel better about where we are in business. I would encourage you to think like it were an investment - the shinier the object, the higher the risk.

Real Estate B-School takes pride in helping you accomplish 2 major things -  Business growth through sustainable systems and empowered people. These are at the core of what we do. We teach systems that are carefully evaluated and implemented in our own company, and have long histories of success. 

We also show you how to make your team a close-knit family that has a cadence and culture of respect and honor. With that comes a clear distinction - your customers and clients will notice something different about you. You’re providing value to your team members and, by extension, everyone they interact with. 

Just because you’re slow at implementing, doesn’t mean you’re not succeeding. 

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