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REAL LIFE - Rise to the Level of Your Systems

Brent Doolittle    November 7, 2019



As leaders, having high standards isn’t enough - we have to rise to the level of our systems. We all have systems - whether they’re serving you well or not. Systems are tools that we use to stay organized, disciplined, and accountable with our methods and our team. They’re what make our business run smoothly, and make sense to others - not just ourselves. Atomic Habits by James Clear talks about ways we can nail our habits down so that they serve us, and our team.

Physical health is an easy target to look at when talking about systems - why look farther than this area where we can see and feel tangible results quickly? If you’re 30 pounds overweight and you begin to look around at your systems that are in place that lead you down this road, you’ll probably find that the things in your fridge or pantry aren’t exactly helping you out. 

Take a step back and look at what your goals are and pick out which systems are serving those goals. Everything else, ask yourself why you keep it? If it isn’t serving your goals, throw it away. In more ways than just this, too, we can ask ourselves what systems we have in place - to have a good, healthy marriage? To have good relationships with your children? Spiritually?

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In Profit First by Mike Michalowicz, we learn that profit is a habit, not an event. This also goes for any area of your life you want to be consistently successful in. Every move made that built Real Estate B-School was a conscious move that came from a system in place - systems that even the big players with upwards of 5M GCI haven’t even mastered quite yet. 


One system that really puts you at an advantage is delegation. When you are making $250 an hour, you can hire out help for $20 and there’s still a massive gap that gives you space to deal with things that come up. Think of it like this - would you pay someone $20 an hour of your $250 in order to dramatically reduce your workload? Hiring administrative assistants is a good step towards working less and making more money. 


We hope you enjoyed this episode of The Business Freedom Podcast. 

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