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Whose Race are You Running?

By Lars Hedenborg


Whose Race are You Running?

Lars Hedenborg    August 21, 2020



As we’re in a time of overindulgence, spending too much time on the news, on social media, getting wrapped up in everything that’s going on around us or other people’s lives, it constantly reminds me to check myself. 

Even if you’re keen to the dangers of social media and know to guard yourself from it, you can still get caught up in it. 

Blinders on a horse serve to block the horse’s view to the side and keep its focus straight ahead where it needs to be. That visual is so powerful - a horse simply cannot run a race if they don’t have blinders. They’re going to get distracted by the horse to their left, the horse to their right, and they can’t run the race properly. They need the blinders to ONLY run THEIR race. 

Where are you getting sidetracked in terms of paying attention to what others are doing? Maybe you’re not playing the envy game with social media - maybe it’s people around you that you’re involving yourself with, though they’re not supporting you in your business or your life?

When I think of my journey in business, for the first couple of years it was running the traditional race. Buying leads, calling leads, setting appointments, selling homes. I sold 71 homes my first year. I was running that traditional race and I didn’t have a lot of my 500,000 GCI at the end of that first year. I was running someone else’s race. Focused on the goals someone else told me I should have. 

I didn’t have anything monetarily to show for it, and I didn’t have any time freedom. I needed that freedom to spend with my kids - so I was learning how to make the shift in my identity. The industry wants a lot of agents selling a few homes. Nobody teaches you how to build systems and run sustainable businesses. 

I made the commitment after my first year in real estate to start running a different race. 

When I do things on social media for Real Estate B-School, sometimes I’m exposed to facebook enough to see people I know, and other familiar faces. I know some of them are working long hours and they’re miserable.  They don’t have financial freedom, they’re stressed all the time, and a lot of the time I get to talk to these folks when they come into our world. There’s no transparency on Facebook (which is why I call it Fake-book).

When you see only what someone wants you to see, it makes you feel like you’re less than. You’re thinking of your worst self when you’re looking at someone’s best self. 

When you work so hard to have things together, and show up the way you need to, and get yourself in a certain mindset, why would you ruin it all by going on Instagram or Facebook and comparing yourself to others? 

Much Love & Respect,

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Lars Hedenborg

Founder of Real Estate B-School

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