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Self Imposed Limitations And How To Break Through Them

Joe Camarata    October 30, 2019



When I look back in the last 12 years, I was just a corporate guy before I went into real estate.

I wasn’t a really good corporate ladder climber, which was the real motivator in getting me to own my own business.

Nobody told me that I was going to have to learn every part of building a business when I started.

I had to learn how to add leverage to my business to make room for me to live my life better.

My limitation was that I didn’t know I could be a team leader. I have never had to manage other people before or run a small team.

Once I got out of that limitation, I had another limitation of feeling like I couldn’t get out of production and move to a manager leader.

I leaned into it and made sure I had the right economic model in place.

Another shift I had to make was being able to show others the systems that I was able to put in place.

I had to figure out how to carve out enough time to make room in building REBS.

When you’re feeling uncomfortable, it’s because you are in an area of business that you have never been in before.

Remind yourself that there are so many businesses that owners don’t even show up. Think of your business like you are going to replicate it 10,000 times and it needs to function and scale without you.

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