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Are You Sick & Tired of Selling Homes

Lars Hedenborg    January 13, 2020



Are You Sick and Tired of Selling Homes?

Things you’ll learn from this podcast:

  • My journey from top producing agent to team leader to business owner

  • The process I went through to get through each level as well as the steps I took to achieve true business freedom

  • How to gauge your success using time, money, and stress as your indicators 



Which camp are you in?

Our members come to Real Estate B-School in 2 camps – some folks know they want to build a business that runs without them, because they don’t love working with buyers and sellers.

On the other hand, we have folks who come to Real Estate B-School, remembering a time when they loved real estate, and they loved it so much that they started getting busier and busier with new clients, increased the size of their teams, went from working 50 hours a week to working 70+ hours per week and doubling or tripling the amount of homes they sold per year. 

A small percentage of Real Estate team leaders will make it to the point where they’re truly in control of their businesses to the point where they have time and money freedom. 


First, let’s talk a bit about my own journey. 

In my first 9 months in Real Estate, back in 2007, I sold 27 homes. The next year, in 2008, I sold 44 homes with a part time assistant. It was this year that I realized that it had already taken a grip on my life, and I couldn’t go on like that. It took a year and a half in the business to determine that there wasn’t any freedom in being a top producing agent. 

My first broker worked 9 days a week and 25 hour days. So I didn’t have the best role model to look up to for what a successful real estate business looked like. 


Coming from the corporate world, I realized many businesses don’t rely on the owner to drive its success on a daily basis. Smaller businesses, sure, but in big businesses, the owners are the stockholders that don’t come in every day to grind out the work that needs to get done. I knew that it was possible, then, to build a company where I wouldn’t have to do all of the activities that most agents did and that I could build the business to run for the most part without my involvement.. 

If you’re at the point where you’re sick and tired of selling houses, where you’re feeling like you’re at the top of your game, if you thought there’d be more than this, you’re a perfect fit for Real Estate B-School. The ultimate equalizer in business is the amount of time, money, and stress you have on a regular basis. That’s the common equation and something you need to consider carefully. 

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