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How Stagnation Breeds Resentment

By Lars Hedenborg


How Stagnation Breeds Resentment

Lars Hedenborg    July 24, 2020



Today I want to talk about where I first encountered stagnation and what happened as it entered my world. In the great recession, I grew like crazy. 97% of the agents in the market are in what the Business Freedom Code classifies as “survival mode” where they’re selling fewer than 24 homes per year, working a ton of hours, and are super stressed out all the time. 

I got really good at working with buyers really quickly. I was able to follow up with buyers, implement lead generation strategies, I got really good at a single script, and I started to get… bored.

I’m wired to get bored really easily - I went completely stagnant in that position, where I would generate a lead, call them, meet them for a buyer consultation, sell them a home. That grew old really quick. Eventually, I started to resent working with buyers - so I quickly hired a buyer agent, taught them what I knew, and got out of that as quickly as I could.

Then, as I was growing, I realized there was a lot of paperwork involved in what I was doing. There was a lot of time spent coordinating inspectors, and I realized a lot of what I was doing was administrative type work. I got stagnant on that really quickly and became resentful of the time I spent working with administrative stuff.

Then, there’s sellers! I got really good at working with sellers. Once I achieve something, I get bored. I become stagnant. I build resent for it. 

Most folks, when they come into our world, are already successful, and in most cases, already stagnant and working on breeding resentment for their businesses. They don’t have systems, their minds aren’t open to leveraging their businesses with technology, and people, and systems - you name it.  

They’re stagnant. They’re good at all the positions of a real estate agent, but this business where they’ve achieved at a high level is now robbing them from the areas of their life that actually matter way more than knowing how to sell a home. 

Traditional coaching, methods, and success focus on you being an agent. I want to challenge you to open up your mind to think about the opportunity that you have if you’re feeling this stagnation. 

Even if you think you can keep your head on straight, when resentment is in the background, it finds ways to work itself out in different areas of your life. We see it all the time - you might stop taking care of yourself physically, emotionally, even spiritually. Additionally, your relationships may start to fail. You’re not showing up as a dad, as a spouse, as a friend. 

The only way around this stagnation/resentment cycle is to open up the opportunity where you couldn’t possibly become stagnant. If you look at the opportunity to go from Real Estate Agent to business owner, there are 6 phases of growth. In my journey, I took 6 years to climb the ladder and start working only 1 day a week in my business - I never allowed myself to become stagnant. I’ve always been looking to level up. 

You still want to honor your progress and take a step back occasionally to see how far you’ve come, but always looking forward and upwards to where you’re going next is the key to avoiding stagnation. 

Much Love & Respect,

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Lars Hedenborg

Founder of Real Estate B-School

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