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[CASE STUDY] How Fred Holmes built a Successful Team using Proven Systems

Lars Hedenborg    January 22, 2020



Fred Holmes has been building his team since 2012. He stays behind the scenes, working on what he’s good at - operations, marketing, etc. 

Process-oriented from the start, Fred joined Real Estate B-School to gain clarity. For almost 2 years, he’s been building systems to keep better track of his money, keep his employees accountable, and balance his income and expenses. 

Two things that helped their team the most were the 3-1-90-13, and team scorecards.


Having this system laid out for your business is incredibly handy. Structure your goals in a way that helps you to achieve them.

  • Have a three year vision
  • Write out a one year goal
  • Live in a 90-day world
  • Focus on each of the 13 weeks in the quarter


Scorecards help the business keep track of if they’re ahead of behind, what is working, what isn’t, and generally how everyone is doing. Scorecards give you a complete overview of the business and combine all the metrics you would like to track into one convenient place - so at any time, you may see which areas you’re succeeding in, and where you may be lacking.


Fred talks about getting a healthy perspective on what is important in business instead of letting small, random communications intrude and throw you for a loop. The ramifications of this are huge - saving time, saving stress, and a hundred other things. 

Weekly team meetings are also hugely beneficial for him - keeping his team, and him, accountable, all the while checking up on milestones and presenting scorecards, getting everyone on the same page. Team meetings are a perfect way to get everyone to align with the values of your company and see your core values in action. 

The biggest takeaway from this has been a huge improvement in both Fred and his wife’s personal lives. As they step out of production and the day-to-day tasks, they free up time for themselves and allow people who can do these tasks more efficiently to do them and passively earn income. 

Would you like to step out of production? Would you like to make more money and have more time? What if you could do all of those things AND reduce your stress levels at the same time? Like Fred, Real Estate B-School can help you build systems that integrate with your workflow seamlessly, increase your productivity, and more. 

If you’re interested in joining, sign up for our 30 day FREE trial, where you’ll work one-on-one with a trained real estate professional to build better systems and get your business out of a stall. 

If you’ve achieved traditional success in your real estate business but you are still feeling lost or trapped and you don’t have a clear path to leveraged and profitable growth, in your real estate business, maybe our FREE 30-day Pilot Program is for you. I will work with you on building a sustainable & profitable real estate team that gives you true freedom.


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