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The Journey to $300 Million: How to Set Priorities & Nurture Team Culture w/Justin Havre

By Lars Hedenborg


The Journey to $300 Million: How to Set Priorities & Nurture Team Culture w/Justin Havre

Lars Hedenborg    June 2, 2020



The journey to $300 million comes with many stages of growth, failures, and lessons.

How do we keep our families and spouses at the top of our lists, even when business gets busy?

What are some of the lessons we can learn about leadership, culture, and choosing the right people to join our teams?

On this episode, Justin Havre deconstructs the growth of his team and the importance of setting boundaries and making our families the top priority. 

"The more emotional awareness we have about ourselves, the better we can understand our team members and our clients." -Justin Havre


Three Things You'll Learn From Justin Havre


The importance of putting family first

A lot of people get into the business with the mindset that they can earn a lot of money, and they get addicted to what they’re getting, which often means sidelining their spouses/partners and families. You should always put those people first. They are your most important “appointments” and they should feel like part of your team.


The right mindset you should have about your job 

You have to shift your mindset from being in the business for the money and the success, to being in it for the experiences it afford you and your family. Your career shouldn’t define your happiness. It’s a vehicle for experiences, and that’s what should motivate you.


How to anticipate the technology and big money coming into the industry 

Even with all the technology and big money coming into the industry, there is always going to be a human element to real estate transactions. You have to embrace some of the technology to leverage productivity and be more efficient. Technology won’t change too much about what you actually do to serve your clients.  


Opening Quote-9   

Team culture starts with the people we choose to work with. If we get that right, it’s something that will police itself and reveal the wrong people. The work we need to do first is in our selection.We also have to make sure we get into the habit of putting our families first from the beginning, so that our personal lives don’t fall apart as we become more successful.

Ultimately, if we put the right pieces into place and prioritize our own growth and personal development, we can weather any shifts in the market.

About Justin Havre: Justin is the leader at Justin Havre & Associates in Calgary. He is an award-winning real estate agent who is well known throughout the real estate industry. Justin has given lectures at international real estate conferences and works closely with his team to ensure every last person is performing to their best potential. Go to https://www.justinhavre.com/ for more information.

Much Love & Respect,

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Lars Hedenborg

Founder of Real Estate B-School

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