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The Power of Time Blocking To Succeed In Your Real Estate Business

Joe Camarata    October 23, 2019



I challenge you to dig into the simple concept of time blocking your day in order to be successful in your real estate business. Common sense is not always common practice. When time blocking your day, you must know what your time is worth in order to succeed.

If we are going to show up at the highest level in every aspect of our lives, then we need to focus on time blocking our day so we can get the most out of it and not have an empty tank of gas at the end of the day.

Out of all the productivity strategies I talk about on my podcast, the power of time blocking is the king of all the tools and systems I show you. If you’re not clear on what you are supposed to be doing at a given moment, then how are you going to be proactive in your business? 

If you are running a high-level real estate team, then you are probably working 55-60 hours a week. That is half the amount of hours you are awake each month, so you better know where your time is going. The goal of Real Estate B-School is helping you achieve more time, more money, and less stress. 

When you look at your calendar, you need to pick the most important things to do that will move you forward in your business. If you’re at the point where you need to focus on dollar productive activities, which is really everybody, then you need to commit to the times where you are not working and make sure that you step away during that time block.

We hope you enjoyed this episode on The Business Freedom Podcast. 

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