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[FREE Master Class] Time Freedom System: Dramatically Increase Focus

Lars Hedenborg    February 11, 2020



[FREE Master Class Training] The Time Freedom SystemTM ... Dramatically Increase Your Income By Increasing Your Focus


Do you ever wonder if things will get better? If you’ll ever get time away from your business without it falling apart? Do you think it’s even possible to have time freedom and be in real estate?


The first few years of my real estate career I was working 70+ hours, and selling a ton of homes. 27 in my first 9 months, 44 in my first full year and 58 the year after that. But here’s the thing. I wanted to be a good father and husband and have the time freedom to spend with my family. And working with clients in the evenings and weekends was not going to allow me to do that.

I had to make the shift from real estate agent to the business owner. To do this, I had to learn how to build systems around sales management, daily cadence, productivity, accountability, marketing coordination and client care for my real estate team.

I finally reached the point where I was able to step down from seven days a week to five days, three days, two days, and then finally one day a week. And my production went from 58 sides to 118 sides to 178 sides to 248 sides to over 300 sides per year consistently. The systems I built now ran the business and it didn’t depend on me being the center of it.

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Here's What I Can Offer You

On Thursday, February 27, 2020, at 4 pm, I will be hosting a Free Master Class training. In this Master Class, I will be going over The Time Freedom SystemTM and show you how to dramatically increase your income by increasing your focus.

Productivity and time management are very popular subjects but very rarely is there guidance on how you translate what needs to get done into how to get it all done. In this tactical hands-on training, I will focus on the nuts and bolts of making more money in less time and teach you how to use The Time Freedom SystemTM to build a business worth owning and create a life worth living. 

Here  are the three areas I’m going to cover during this Master Class Training:

  1. The Struggle is Real ... Find out why we all fail in the area of time management and how you can master the mindsets necessary to gain massive gains in productivity.
  2. The Business Freedom Index ... Learn how to make more money in less time with less stress in your life, and how I went from earning $21 per hour my first year in real estate to over $500 per hour today!
  3. Time Freedom in Action ... learn how to practically manage your time on a weekly, daily and hourly basis. Learn how you can 10x your hourly worth with a handful of real-world tactics and tools.

man on top of moutain

See how you can put this system into action in your own life, and learn about how I work with real estate team leaders to guide them through their real estate business growth journey.

My mission is clear...to help top producing real estate agents and team leaders build highly profitable businesses through the use of sustainable systems and empowered people in order to systematically increase net worth and time away from the office ... and have less stress in their lives.

Stop trying to go through this journey alone. I want to help you get out of the weeds and make more money, in less time, and with less stress.

Take the first step by registering for this Master Class.

You won’t regret it.

If you’ve achieved traditional success in your real estate business but you are still feeling lost or trapped and you don’t have a clear path to leveraged and profitable growth, in your real estate business, maybe our FREE 30-day Pilot Program is for you. I will work with you on building a sustainable & profitable real estate team that gives you true freedom.


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