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How to Achieve True Freedom in Your Business - Part 1

By Lars Hedenborg


How to Achieve True Freedom in Your Business - Part 1

Lars Hedenborg    May 29, 2020



Today I want to go into a 3-part series with you that will serve you at a high level - regardless of whether we end up doing business together or not. I’m calling it, “How to Achieve True Freedom in Your Business”.

I want to go over something that our members use to make sure they’re doing the next right thing in their business. It’s called the Business Freedom Planner. Most members come into our world having achieved traditional success in some way, typically at high levels. Something is usually out of whack with time, money, or stress - it’s not sustainable. 

Here’s an exercise to try: I was on the phone with a potential client recently who worked 70 hours a week and netted 175 last year - we will use them as an example. Take out a calculator and practice this with your own numbers. 70 hours a week is 3500 hours a year. 175000 divided by 3500 hours comes out to about $50 an hour.

Most likely, about 2500 of those hours they worked were low level, ~$20/hour activities instead of the high-level activities. This system in this series is going to give you context on how you actually turn your business into something that will give you freedom versus something that takes something out of you. 

We’ve given too much credit to the top line numbers - how many houses someone sells or how much money they made. We don’t pay nearly any attention to how much stress they’re bringing home at the end of a day, or their relationship with their spouse or kids, or how many hours they’re working to make the numbers look good. 

 The Business Freedom Planner, is intended to de-link time and money, and bring your stress levels down.


A quarterly rhythm we follow, in 3 parts:

Restate our annual goals. These goals were built in a specific way. We outline our top 5 business goals and personal goals, first thing every quarter. I’ve found that 10 goals is about all most people can manage in a year. 

The next thing we do is evaluate ourselves against our drivers and accelerators. Are we making progress towards our goals? Are we recording our numbers and keeping ourselves accountable to the commitments we make?

Lastly, based on the brainstorming you do, you choose your rocks and commit to them. These are things that you will be held accountable to, so choose wisely. Rocks are meant to be started and finished inside a single quarter, leading up to boulders, which are year-long goals. 

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the series, where we’ll talk more about choosing your quarterly rocks and the plans that you need to follow through. 


Much Love & Respect,

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Lars Hedenborg

Founder of Real Estate B-School

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