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The Business Freedom PodcastEpisode

How to Achieve True Freedom in Your Business - Part 3

By Lars Hedenborg


How to Achieve True Freedom in Your Business - Part 3

Lars Hedenborg    May 29, 2020



Welcome back to the last episode of a 3-part series on How to Achieve True Freedom in Your Business. If you missed the last two episodes, I definitely recommend giving those a listen before diving into today’s episode. 

We’ve broken down the process we call the Business Freedom Planner, we’ve talked about restating your annual goals, and the 4 questions you should be asking yourself at the beginning of every quarter. We’ve talked about brainstorming everything you could be doing in your business, committing to a handful of “smarter” rocks every quarter, bridging the gap between them, and how you need to delegate to elevate.

Today, we are finishing strong and diving into the weekly cadence you should be following in order to make the most out of each quarter. You need to be keeping track of things like your biggest wins/accomplishments, last week’s commitments, your follow-through, what’s working and not working, and what you’re starting or stopping. 

On the other side is the weekly commitments - asking yourself, what COULD I do? For the rocks you chose for the quarter, ask yourself what action steps there are, and what action steps remain in order to complete those projects/rocks. 

From there, look at all those action items, and make your weekly commitments. 

If you want to break it down even further (and you should), take time to plan out each day of the week. Don’t let anything be left to chance - look at each time block you create as something that is protecting your time. 

Start every day with gratitude to further protect your mindset. From there, you could go to affirmations. It’s all a part of pointing your feet in the right direction before the day even starts. I like to go from there to my top 3 - 3 commitments that you can do throughout the day and hold yourself accountable to whether you got them done or not. 

At the end of the day, we want to build a psychology of contentment and fulfillment. We end the day with answering questions in a journal, like where were you uncomfortable? What did you accomplish today?

At the end of the quarter, we reflect on all the past weeks. We write down the most memorable parts, and the biggest lessons you’ve learned, assess your progress, personal growth, improvements, and the like. Finally, end with gratitude, just like you started.

The key is protecting your mindset and staying positive so that you can be motivated to achieve your goals - because if you aren’t excited to be accomplishing them, why are they there?

Protect your mindset by controlling your psychology. Practice gratitude and fulfillment, be content and appreciate how far you’ve made it already.


Much Love & Respect,

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Lars Hedenborg

Founder of Real Estate B-School

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