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3 Reasons You Will FAIL As A Real Estate Team Leader - AND What YOU Can Do About It

Brent Doolittle    November 7, 2019



There will be times when you fail as a real estate team leader. There are ups and downs to every aspect of life, and we spare no exceptions for real estate. What we must remember is this: failure is crucial to your success. If you haven’t failed in getting where you are, you’re either about to, or you’re perfect. And you’re not perfect


One of the main reasons we tend to fail stems from a lack of consistency in our business.


Changing the model around, spurts of motivation, spontaneous decisions, and shift of attention are just a few of the ways we fall when it comes to consistency.

We’ve all been there when a team leader shows up with a bright new idea based on some YouTube video they had seen online the night before. All of a sudden, we were rearranging things, adding tasks to our to-do lists, changing our motto, and wondering exactly where this was going to take us. Now, don’t let this sound like I’m painting everything with the same brush - change can be great, when done right.

The key, though, is consistency. If you can honor the commitments you propose, your changes will be received differently than if you are constantly introducing these new fresh ideas and abandoning them months later. 

Eventually, we find ourselves in a position where on top of consistency, we lack accountability. This goes both for us as leaders, as well as for our team members. 

Accountability is an icky word to some. That’s because we are looking at it all wrong. Accountability isn’t something that you do to someone, it’s a relationship between people that is born out of respect and keeping each other’s best interests close to heart. When you have respect and you have another’s best interests at heart, you hold them accountable, and likewise, anyone who has those for you would hold you to your own standards as well.


Without accountability, we lack the proper motivation to achieve what we want.

While we can possess the proper motivation to meet our goals ourselves, I don’t think anyone would deny that it is a lot easier to do with a partner. Sometimes as leaders we feel that we are immune to, or perhaps above this idea, but really a lot of the time we need it the most. There’s a reason the government has a system of checks and balances - we should too.

Of course, what good would it do us to adopt both these solutions but fall back and lose authenticity? We need to remain authentic with our team as well as in our day to day lives. If your team sees you treating yourself like a holier-than-thou, narcissistic robot, it will affect how they interact with you and what they are comfortable doing around you. It can be severely intimidating to have these high standards that only you can achieve.

You have to emphasize to your team that you are human and you make mistakes just like any one of them. This is a huge part of accountability as well - you holding your team accountable and your team holding you accountable. If your team sees you as a human like them, you won’t lose their respect. In fact, you’ll probably gain it. 

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