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Will You Have Regrets if You Stick With Your Current Plan?

Lars Hedenborg    December 10, 2019



One of the keys to the successes of Real Estate B-School and High Performance Real Estate (two  companies that Lars Hedenborg owns and operates) that we consistently and constantly sing the praises of here on the Business Freedom Podcast is planning and time management

He didn’t always know how he would manage to build a business that benefited both buyers and sellers without even having to be a part of the day to day operations - but Lars has weathered the storm through his journey to get where he is now. The most important thing is this: What will separate you from here (now, today) - and where you want to be?

The next few podcasts in this series we will call future planning, we will be talking about how you must be clear in your goals in order to know which paths to take in the here and now. The true benefit of having clear goals is no more apparent than in the ability it gives you to discern which path would lead you closer or stray you further from where you want to end up. 


Think about it this way: You’re driving down a highway. (Nice and relatable, no?)

Coming up in a quarter mile, you’ve got an interchange coming. Half the highway splits off to the north, and the other half splits to continue east - you’re heading to the coast.

If your goal was ‘Go east’ then congratulations, you’ve done it. You’re traveling farther east every second. But you kinda wanted to go to the coast, so you think you want to split off to the east at the interchange and continue on your merry way.

However, if your goal, instead of ‘go to the east coast’ was ‘go to Long Island, New York’, then you’d know you’re probably better off splitting to the north at the interchange. We need to make sure we know what we want to strive for - because if we know we would really like to go to New York, we should be making decisions that will lead us to New York, not just ‘the east coast somewhere’.

Be specific with your goals, and they will serve you well.

The other thing we are talking about (to keep the metaphor alive) is this: Will we regret not choosing to instead go east, perhaps leaving it to see what would happen if we had? Would that future not also have held something great? Will we ever be able to find out?

Without a plan, you leave everything up to chance. That’s no fun for anyone, especially not you. (This is exactly what our pilot program is for, by the way - if you find yourself thinking about your goals after this, check and see if you qualify for it here)

Do you have a business planning process in place that will allow you to build a profitable and leveraged business that provides true time and money freedom?

If we live in the now and go with our gut, we probably won’t make it very far. Take the time to create goals and list out plans that would lead you closer to them, and don’t waste any time looking back at what could have been. (This is different from turning to look how far you've come - more on that here) Turn your gaze forward and be excited for the things to come!



We hope you enjoyed this episode of The Business Freedom Podcast. 

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