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3 Real Estate Recruiting Tools You Need Right Now

By REBS Team


3 Real Estate Recruiting Tools You Need Right Now

REBS Team    May 21, 2020



What tools do you use to recruit? Tools? Recruiting? Those things go together? Recruiting is a critical function, and most real estate businesses don’t use the tools to find and hire the team they need to reach success.

But they should. 

Thomas Jefferson once said, “If you want something you’ve never had, you must do something you’ve never done.” That — right there — is why you should engage online recruiting tools.

REBS Snip 01 2018 11 Recruiting Tools

There are many out there, and no two are created equal. Here are a few that will help you build a game-changing real estate team.



This tool has many functions, although you'll find it’s most useful for initial screenings. WizeHire uses the DISC (dominance, influence, steadiness, conscientiousness) assessment to identify the best candidates for your position(s). We also use WizeHire to import resumes and DISC profile to Breezy.



Of all the tools we use, Breezy is the most useful. Breezy is essentially a CRM for managing the recruitment process.

Breezy accepts your (online) applications and tracks each one through your recruiting pipeline. As the candidates move through the process, Breezy generates tasks, automated emails, interview invites and more to streamline the recruitment process.

There are several other options (BoomTown or Commissions Inc.) available, but for the price and the ROI, there’s no competing with Breezy.


Spark Hire

Ever get stuck on the phone with a chatty candidate when all you wanted was a 10-minute phone screening? Those days are gone. Automate recruiting with Spark Hire, and get your time back using their video screening.

This is a bit pricey at $500 a year, but the time it saves you is worth it.

Recruiting is a multi-million dollar pillar of your business. You could argue recruiting is the most valuable pillar, because it determines who is responsible for making revenues.

If that’s the case, shouldn’t you use the best possible means to create your team? Use online tools to modernize your recruiting process, get your time back and build an incredible team.

Finding the right talent is a time-consuming pain-in-the-butt. But it doesn’t have to be when you use online tools to recruit like a pro.

Much Love & Respect,

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Lars Hedenborg

Founder of Real Estate B-School

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