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Work to Serve Your Life – How Dave Hooke Transformed his Real Estate Business and Reclaimed His Life

By REBS Team


Work to Serve Your Life – How Dave Hooke Transformed his Real Estate Business and Reclaimed His Life

REBS Team    May 21, 2020



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You pour so much time into your work that you have none left over for your life. That’s the position that Dave Hooke found himself in until Real Estate B-School helped.

From the outside looking in, your real estate business seems successful.

You’re closing deals and you’re making money. The family’s taken care of and you can provide anything that they need on a material level.

But it’s what’s hiding beneath that people don’t see.

They don’t see the toll that real estate takes on you. They don’t see you putting in 80 hours every week just to keep the business going.

People don’t see the strain that you’re putting on your personal life.

You might not even see that strain at first. This shift in focus to where work becomes the priority can be so gradual that you don’t notice it until it’s happened.

And once it does, it can feel like there’s no way back.

Here’s the good news.

You can reclaim your life and your time from the jaws of your real estate career. I’m here to help you do it. But first, let’s look at the story of someone who transformed their business with the help of Real Estate B-School.

Dave Hooke’s Story

Dave Hooke is a third-generation real estate professional. He knows how the business works inside and out, at least when it comes to dealing with clients.

And he was super successful financially.

Unfortunately, that success came at the cost of his family life. Dave found himself working 70 or 80 hours per week.

He’d even started to question what he was doing. Was this the future for him?

He wasn’t so sure and he was on the verge of quitting to find another path to follow. But he realized that any other venture, be it a new business or a non-profit, comes with its own challenges.

So he decided to reach out for a little help instead. That’s when he came to Real Estate B-School.


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The Challenges

Dave’s key challenge is one that I see a lot of real estate professionals deal with.

He had no work/life balance.

It’s something that Dave saw throughout the brokerage industry himself.

You either did just about well enough to make a living but got to see more of your family.

Or, you made a lot of money without ever being present.

Dave fell into the latter category. Yet he also had a little denial to work through. You see, Dave told himself that he had a handle on his time. He didn’t work weekends and he got back to see his family in the evenings.

Yet he still worked during his time “off”.

His phone was always there and he was constantly checking on work. He’d even make excuses to go and check what was happening with the business.

It was a slow burn process.

His life wasn’t in danger of blowing up in his face. But he knew that things would go south if he kept allowing the constant flow of work to erode into the time he spent with family.

Then there was the issue of burnout.

Dave handled 60+ transactions per year on his own while attempting to also lead a small team. He had spread himself too thin. He needed to figure out how to make his business run more efficiently so he could scale without burning himself out.

The Solutions

Before he could do anything else, Dave needed to shift his mindset.

He’d always focused his efforts on production. That’s where his talents lay and he was very good at it.

When you’re not running a business, it’s fine to focus on that side of things. A salesperson wants to do as many transactions as possible.

But when you’re a business owner, your focus has to shift. If you’re only looking at the production side of things, the business will start to overwhelm you.

Dave needed to make that mental shift so he could start working on the business instead of in it.

Once he’d made that mental shift, it was a case of focusing on the processes the business needed to have.

Dave points to Dialog Tech as a tool that really helped him with this.

This is a phone routing system that allows Dave to keep track of what’s happening with clients. He can track how much money he’s spending on marketing efforts and where his calls come from. That means he has a better understanding of his strongest lead sources.

Finally, we helped Dave to nail down his lead management processes. He now has what he calls “recipes” that detail everything that should happen with a lead at any given stage.

Now, he can teach those recipes to his people and not have to constantly monitor his processes.

The End Result

The biggest shift for Dave came in his personal life.

Today, he’s working 40 hours per week on his various business interests. That means he’s halved the time he’s spending on work.

Given that he’s had three children since joining the Real Estate B-School community, that extra time is a massive benefit.

On the business side of things, he’s been able to scale up while spending less time working.

Today, he has an amazing team who can handle all of the appointments that used to take up so much of his time. The business now does 200+ transactions per year at a combined value of approximately $50 million.

Personally, Dave’s taking home an extra $250,000 per year too.

Dave’s life is exactly what he hoped it would become since he started working with us.

What Can You Learn?

Dave’s story likely sounds familiar to a lot of real estate professionals out there.

The more successful your business becomes, the less time you get to spend with your family.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get your freedom back?

Here are three lessons you can take from Dave’s story.

Lesson #1 – Change Your Mindset

You’ve built your career on being a top producer. It’s natural that you want to take that mindset into building a real estate team.

Unfortunately, it’s that focus on personal production that could drag you down.

You end up spending so much time on transactions that you’re not putting good systems in place. As the business grows, you lose more and more time to it.

In Dave’s case, recognizing that he’s a business owner rather than a producer was a turning point for his business.

He stopped looking for ways to increase his own productivity. Instead, he started focusing on how to help his team produce what the business needed.

Lesson #2 – Create a Lead Sourcing Process

Implementing Dialog Tech allowed Dave to learn so much about his leads. In particular, it helped Fubbi 3.25ahim to track lead sources so he could see which ones he didn’t need to waste time on anymore.

This is crucial when building a high performing real estate team.

In order to know your numbers, you have to know where your leads come from.

Lead sourcing is critically important.

I recommend breaking your lead sources down and prioritizing them based on how they perform. What’s most important is that you’re tracking the numbers. Constant tracking and reporting on those lead sources helps you to take control of your leads and achieve more in the business.

Lesson #3 – Work to Serve Life

This is the key lesson in Dave’s story.

Your life is one of the key drivers when building a sustainable business.

What I mean by that is that your work should serve the life you want to build. Work shouldn’t become something that you do in order to have a life.

Dave struggled to make his work serve his life. In fact, he let work creep into his life even during the moments that he spent with his family.

Remember that work isn’t all about making money.

It’s important to have a purpose in life that fuels your work. If your work is your purpose then it may become your priority. And it’s this that leads to the burnout that Dave was moving towards.

The Final Word

Work to serve your life.

That’s the key message to take away from all of this. Dave recognized that his work no longer served his life. It had taken over and was wearing away at the life he’d built for himself.

If left unchecked, the situation could have had a negative effect on his family and left him exhausted.

By changing his mindset, Dave achieved at a very high level. He became a business owner, rather than continuing to be a top producer. He developed the skills needed to build systems and teach his people, which means he now has true time freedom.

Dave also implemented structure and processes into his business. That means it’s now capable of running without him being involved in every little detail.

Today, he works 40 hours per week by choice, rather than the 80 hours that he felt he had to.

I can help you just like I helped Dave.

It’s time to scale your real estate business and reclaim your life.

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